Teen Success Network

A division of YourSuccessNetwork, Inc.

"Successful people make important decisions EARLY in their life and then they MANAGE those decisions the rest of their life"

-John C. Maxwell

Sharon Yamin, Founder

Sharon Yamin, Founder. Sharon’s background in Financial & Accounting Services has enabled her to help many successful companies come to fruition.  As an entrepreneur she has also worked in mergers and acquisitions and has a wealth of knowledge to properly oversee Your Success Network and its company of networks. Additionally for almost a decade Sharon has been involved with online technologies, development and has extensive knowledge with online social networking and beyond.

Sharon also has a unique drive and personal perspective on what youths need, want and hope for. Having the experience of being a teen that overcame her own significant personal circumstances gives her a wealth of experience that will carry over to the important initiatives and curriculum for TSN. Sharon’s desire to make a positive influence on the lives of our youths is a drive that she is very passionate about!

Sharon’s ability to think “Outside The Box” is a driving force in creating Your Success Network and all of its business ideas and entities. Her desire to make a positive impact on peoples lives, starting with the next generation “Our Youths” is a overwhelming desire and motivation that will ensure the success of Your Success Network.