Teen Success Network

A division of YourSuccessNetwork, Inc.

"Successful people make important decisions EARLY in their life and then they MANAGE those decisions the rest of their life"

-John C. Maxwell

About Us

After years of personal development studies and growth by its founders, the realization was made that not enough emphases are put on personal development for our youth.

The Teen Success Network for youths became the core focus of this subsidiary of Your Success Network, LLC. It soon became evident through much research and evaluation of the youth sector with over 26 million teens in the U.S. alone that all Youth Organizations were based on non-profit models and dependent mostly on donation. This is a major challenge for growing Youth Organizations, especially in a down economy.

Coming from an entrepreneurial mindset and background, the Teen Success Network’s founders began looking for a way to monetize a Youth Organization's "commodity", the youths them selves. This while also wanting to offer a mechanism to make a difference and change lives for the better all while building the Youth Organization as a whole. The Teen Success Network was created to help not only Youth Organizations expand their value proposition for donation but to give youths a first ever 24/7 Virtual Online Curriculum second to none that they can relate to on individual level, no matter what they’re are interested in.

The system, called the Excelevator, can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and its ultra unique “Interactive Training” includes testing and accountability components for parents, mentors, and sponsors who may track their child’s progress and manage expectation any time, day or night.

Welcome to Your Future!